Proactive Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector

The solution selected to monitor the network perimeter of the U.S. Department of Defense is now available for small and medium-sized businesses as an affordable managed service subscription.

The financial industry was the third most targeted industry in 2015, according to the IBM X-Force Cyber Security Report. Financial institutions around the world are spending billions of dollars, while scrambling to stay ahead of cyber criminals who develop more sophisticated means of infiltration with each passing week.

In fact, Forbes reported in late 2015 that Citibank, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America alone were spending some $1.5 billion to battle cybercrime. In addition to protecting themselves from cyber hackers—this century’s paradigm of bank robbers—these organizations are bound to a host of industry-specific regulations such as FINRA, FISMA, FFIEC, OCC, and indirect requirements of PCI and HIPAA, all of which demand continuous monitoring in order to prevent theft and protect critical information and organization-wide processes.

If these large institutions are spending billions of dollars on solutions and resources to fight cyber-attacks and, as some would argue, are still losing the battle, how can a small business maintain security and regulatory compliance on a smaller budget with less resources, tools and personnel? Cytellix proactive cybersecurity situational awareness for small businesses is the answer.

From Prevention to Protection

Cytellix Services

  • Governance
  • Information Assurance
  • Operational Security
  • Cybersecurity Managed Services (SAAS)

Cytellix Solutions

  • Network Situational Awareness
  • Complete Enterprise Visibility
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Cyber Analytics
  • Scaling and Integration

The Foundation of Network Security is Visibility

Cytellix®, the leading proactive cybersecurity managed service provider, has developed the only solution in the industry that can assess, identify and detect known and “unknown” threats in any enterprise environment while providing complete network visibility. Focusing on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Cytellix specializes in comprehensive cyber assessments, network intelligence, behavioral analytics, remediation and security services. The cybersecurity division of Information Management Resources, Inc. (IMRI), Cytellix, includes a team of experts who analyze traffic and behavior of over 7 million IP addresses for organizations of every size in every industry, including healthcare, higher education, finance, banking, law, municipalities, government and manufacturing.

Cytellix offers turnkey subscriptions that offer comprehensive cyber gap analysis and vulnerability assessments, as well as network scanning technology that provides continuous monitoring, threat detection and remediation best practices—offering a huge value at an affordable cost.

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The First Line Of Defense

Cytellix’s scanning services continuously monitor network connections and activity, serving as the first line of defense in identifying and addressing potential threats, while ensuring continuity through any changes. Providing proactive cybersecurity situational awareness with complete visibility of complex networks, Cytellix safeguards colleges and universities—and their vast web of connected devices—with continuous monitoring of threats, while maintaining compliance with a range of regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST and FERPA among others.

The Cytellix Solution

The Cytellix solution set provides comprehensive, organizational cyber vulnerability assessments as well as real- time continuous monitoring for network health management. With leading-edge scanning technology, Cytellix can evaluate and identify any network leaks or “unknown” assets and their posture along with threat prevention recommendations and optional remediation services. Typical cyber threats identified include data leaks,
segmentation, rogue connections, bad actor site connections and high-risk open ports.

Cytellix solutions deploy a cloud-based, agentless sensor that jointly determines and monitors the total state of a network, including individual connected devices as well as the effective topology of the network itself. These subsystems create a sensor network that collectively reveals both nominal and nefarious behavior throughout, with moment-by-moment awareness and notifications, particularly of unexpected behaviors and changes.

The Cytellix Advantage

  • Achieve a complete, organization-wide view of all network and security activity in real time
  • Gain insight into abnormal activities and devices on the network through cyber analytics
  • Strengthen security and compliance through a complete, centralized network asset inventory
  • Streamline compliance and reporting through automated audit processes
  • Deliver accurate and simplified reports with no burden on network or security teams

Close the Gap with Cytellix

Backed by decades of research and intelligence, Cytellix closes the gap between known and covert threats in any environment, with scalable, best-in-class solutions delivered as cloud-based, managed services offering that makes security and compliance simple for small businesses. This robust offering is delivered and supported by some of the most experienced cybersecurity experts in the nation. Cytellix provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, and helps small- and medium-size universities accurately visualize their networks, analyze risks and recommend appropriate remediation, with an optional Cytellix service implementation offering.