Cytellix Solutions


Our solution delivers network intelligence with comprehensive network topology views while monitoring networks in real time. It discovers networks, hosts, devices and network leak paths, closing the gap between the known and unknown aspects of enterprise networks. The Cybersecurity Analytics plugin determines if known threats or malware IP address spaces on the Internet can be reached from within enterprise networks and also if any internal network infrastructure is participating in malicious activity, such as operating in a botnet. Threat intelligence is made actionable by correlating a comprehensive index of an enterprise’s IP address space against known threats. Cytellix helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach without displacing or compromising the security, privacy and integrity of existing infrastructure and tools. The intelligence gathered by our tool can be integrated with other security tools to maximize effectiveness, resulting in an enhanced security posture. This allows resources to be focused on mission critical/high severity threats.


We simulate real-world scenarios in our lab and share experiences with our partners, providing practical solutions to cyber threats. Our lab provides insights on how to improve cybersecurity capabilities in an environment where you can exchange relevant ideas in an interactive session with our team. In addition, our team of security experts provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 support to our partners from our cyber intelligence center.


Standard Approach


Cytellix Approach


Securing a network perimeter is your first line of defense, and Cytellix gives you the intelligence to do that.