Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring With Cytellix

Advanced profiling techniques (active scanning and passive listening) detect newly connected devices, previously unmanaged assets and the network perimeter. Real-time continuous monitoring means you’ll be able to ask a question about your network and have current data readily available from which to derive an answer. It means you’ll have a real-time dynamic view of your IT infrastructure.

Continuous monitoring allows your team and others to quickly access a stream of real-time data reflecting the state of risk to your security posture, the network, end points and even cloud devices and applications. This empowers IT security teams to plug security gaps, eliminate known threats and vulnerabilities, deny unnecessary connections, keep security policies up to date and more effectively enforce security policies.

  • Steady state

    Upon initial deployment, a baseline of normal network behavior is established over a short period of time. This baseline describes the network’s steady state – that range of behavior indicating health and normalcy on the network. Once certain parameters have been defined as normal, our solution continuously monitors and flags any departure from one or more parameters as anomalous.

  • Endpoint & Perimeter Security Management

    Endpoint security management enables you to identify devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets that do not comply with your enterprise and network policy. Security management enables you to identify all ingress and egress points on your network, including rogue and unauthorized Internet connectivity.

  • Perimeter Breach Detection

    Enterprise-grade, cross-zone leak detection service—not available with any other tool or solution—enables testing for unintended or unauthorized connectivity between your network and others on a completely validated network map.

  • Progress to Auto-Pilot

    As new infrastructure elements are discovered, results are automatically tuned and refined. Discoveries trigger new threads of collection activity. The raw data backing map nodes is automatically updated. Maps refresh to display newly discovered entities. IT professionals are alerted to precisely those network events that merit attention. All in real time. All continuously.

  • Reporting, Mapping & Visualization

    Discovery results are mapped to a tiered conceptual model that originates in your organization and is understood by its members. Your enterprise gets a broad, comprehensive, and navigable representation of its current IT infrastructure. This visual expression of your network serves as an invaluable tool that facilitates communication across disciplines and businesses units.

  • Alerts, Warnings & Information

    Receive notifications from the system on occurrences and anomalies that fall outside your company’s policy and parameters. You decide which events warrant an alert and prioritize the level of urgency associated with each category of event. The notifications feature makes it easier to channel resources and attention to the events that matter the most.

  • Network & Device Discovery

    Our solution provides visibility of every device and into every connection on your network, providing you with a complete and accurate inventory of all routes and appliances that run on it. Monitoring discovery results on an ongoing basis aids in optimization of the health of your system and mitigation of risk. The network and device yield becomes even more valuable as a precursor to other discovery methods that reveal other facets of your network ecosystem.